Door Prize Game Show

Part team builder. Part workshop. All fun. Create a one-of-a-kind experience for your group.

Since 1999, Paul Miller has taught thousands of people to juggle and manipulate other skill toys from around the world. These programs have been run as conference break out sessions, corporate wellness programs, and as part of team building events. He is now offering a limited number of game show presentations that engage the entire audience at their seat and up on stage. Everyone participates and everyone leaves with a skill toy that is custom branded with your logo.

Individual games and contests are customized to your specific audience makeup, room setup, and the goals for your event. Choose an evening program to infuse some laughter and play into your event or a series of games spread throughout your program to break up the day and energize the audience. You provide the prizes and I provide an engaging and unforgettable experience.  

This program involves contests and challenges that are best enjoyed if unexpected. For that reason we don't share any video spoilers of the games we play. If you are interested in The Skill Toy Game show let's set up a call to talk about your event. Email or use the contact form below.