Mindfulness for Fun & Profit - Speaking

A lighthearted, interactive presentation that touches on research from the field of positive psychology and skills development and is relevant to individuals and teams for becoming more mindful in how they learn, work, and play. The keynote's juggling lesson framework combines meaningful content, comedy, and audience interaction that leaves audiences better prepared to succeed in whatever else they aim to accomplish next.    

Shifting to a More Productive Mindset

How we frame situations directly impacts outcomes. We manifest our thoughts and beliefs about a given situation. Sure, it sounds a little woo woo but there is research to support this incredible reality. As Henry Ford famously said, whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. Becoming aware of your mindset is the first step to realigning yourself for success.

Improving Performance

The path of personal and professional growth is much like juggling -- a constant challenge to keep everything up in the air without dropping the ball. But balls do drop and obstacles do pop up on our path to success. How you react to failure and frame stress is a key indicator in how, and if, you succeed. Learning simple strategies for becoming less emotional and more objective makes you fearless in failure and unstoppable in the area of your pursuit.

Strengthening Collaborations & Teams

If there is one thing that a group of jugglers know it is how to create a safe space for participation and how to leverage each players strength to accomplish the impossible. Every person is a leader and how we treat ourselves and others serves as the foundation for trust.

High Point University

"extraordinary performer who knows how to engage an audience and create valuable learning experiences. Outstanding."
Dr. Qubein, President High Point University, High Point NC

National Wildlife Control Operators Association

"Our state association was delighted with the performance Paul Miller gave to the leaders, business owners and managers at a dinner reception at our State Technical Meeting. Paul's routine caught my eye and I couldn't have found a better comedian to deliver a funny, but still meaningful message about leadership and team building to our audience. Paul was prepared and polished and gave a fun and engaging performance. He was responsive and timely in every aspect from planning to performance. Several of my attendees rushed up to Paul after his performance to inquire about booking him for their own company events!"
Associate Director, Annual Meeting in Richmond, VA